My Path to Osteopathy, Part 2

“Andrew Taylor Still also believed that the body can heal itself. He was convinced that a doctor needs to create optimal conditions to support the bodies' self healing capacity. Osteopathy is doing just that by strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system and bringing the body into a state of rest. The body can only heal in a state of rest” What a revolutionary thought. Was the reason for slow recovery and frequent relapses that we didn't give our injured athletes in the clinic enough rest? Did we push them too hard? “Dr. Still also taught that form and function are dependent. How your body performs, depends on how it is built. If your lower back vertebra are not moving properly against

My path to Osteopathy, Part 1

As with probably most young adults, I did not know what to do with my life after High School. I was interested in a lot of things, new discoveries always filled me with excitement and no matter what I discovered anew, I was convinced that this was the very thing I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Being born and raised in Germany almost half a century ago, the notion that the profession you chose will be with you for the rest of your life, was drilled into me from a very young age. Naturally, the decision which occupation I would select was a very important one. I felt a bit overwhelmed and ended up listening to my mother who suggested that becoming a physical therapist would be a good

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