My Path to Osteopathy, Part 3

Life circumstances and organizational difficulties at work brought up the idea of going back into osteopathy. What a coincidence that I met a woman who worked as an osteopath in the area and who encouraged me to start treating again. Hesitantly, I followed her advice and started seeing clients at my home after school. People were happy and I realized how much satisfaction I drew from helping people. I learned that if you are licensed as a massage therapist, you can do all the osteopathic techniques besides high velocity manipulations. That worked for me since I never used high velocity manipulations a lot anyway. To my surprise, the California Massage Therapy Council accepted all my credits and without having to attend further classes, I received my CMT license. That was a good first step. At least, it made it legal for me to practice. However, I didn't consider myself a massage therapist and I didn't want other people to see me as a massage therapist either.

I started seeing more clients, decided to quit my job at the school and open my own osteopathic practice again. In preparing all the necessary steps I stumbled over an add from a Canadian school which claimed to train manual osteopaths. I got excited. Isn't that what I want? I don't need to be a DO. I don't need to be able to prescribe drugs and perform surgery. All I wanted to do was working with my hands, do manual osteopathy. I contacted the school and they told me that they had just opened a campus in Florida. It was possible to enroll in the online program and they had shortened courses for health care practitioners. There was no question that I enrolled in the course right away. They accepted all my credits and I could earn my OMP (osteopathic manual practitioner) license within six months. I am very happy how everything has turned out. The school I attended online is called NUMSS. I highly recommend visiting their website for more information

To end this article I would like to pass on the benefits of manual osteopathic treatment. Maybe it is for you as well.

  1. Promotes deeper Breathing and improves Circulation

Deep Breathing enhances oxygen intake and helps oxygen to circulate easily throughout the body. Efficient circulation helps in recovery and growth. This helps in detoxifying the body.

  1. Improves Posture

Posture improves slowly and naturally. Good posture is essential for a pain free body.

  1. Increases Joint Flexibility

Physiological joint flexibility is important for pain free movements.

  1. Enhances a calm mind and relieves anxiety

Especially cranial osteopathic treatment relaxes the autonomic nervous system and helps in relieving anxiety and depression. I will write a future post about cranial osteopathy.

  1. Prevents Injury

The better your posture and flexibility are important for preventing injury. Once your body is aligned and your pain has decreased, you can start strengthening your muscles and improve your balance and strength. Strong muscles are a protection from osteoporosis. A better balance prevents you from falling and breaking bones or straining muscles.

Chronic and Acute Pain Relief

Osteopathy is very effective in relieving chronic pain. Chronic pain patients may need between 5 and 10 treatments to experience an improvement. However, the changes are long term and stable. Acute pain relief often happens after just one treatment.

  1. Improves Athletic Performance

Athletes will be able to perform better with regular, once a month, maintenance treatments. They experience better function, balance, muscle tone and flexibility.

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