Tele Health Sessions

Acute and Chronic Issues

  • identifying your issues

  • finding the right therapy approach (is this something, you can deal with at home or do you need to see a doctor?)

  • deciding on self care tools (self massage techniques, appropriate tools, dry brushing, ice/cold therapy etc.)

  • determining the correct exercises for the issue and receiving handouts with detailed instructions (strengthening, stretching, balance, proprioception)

  • identifying stressors in your daily routine, which can aggravate your issues (ergonomics, posture, workout routine, shoes, repetitive movements)

  • looking for ways to increase parasympathetic nervous system firing in your daily life to strengthen the inherent healing capacity of the body (daily routine, sleep, diet)

  • providing nutritional support for pain and inflammatory relief

Laptop and Notebook
Sessions are 45min.
August Special

Personalized Exercise Plan

  • education about your diagnosis

  • evaluation of posture

  • evaluation of muscle strength

  • evaluation of muscle length

  • therapeutic strengthening exercises

  • therapeutic stretching  exercises

  • proprioceptive exercises

  • ergonomic advice

The exercises will be tailored to your specific needs and are based on physical therapy principles and research.

Woman on a Gym Mat