Andrew P.

I had migraines as a kid and they appeared to be coming back as week long tension headaches with nausea. Doctor recommended relaxation techniques and meditation - while I agree, who's got the time? After three hour long treatments the headaches seem to have gone. I've got a couple of follow up sessions but hopefully it sticks.  

Jutta B.

I have suffered from severe headache (especially in the mornings after waking up), toothache  and extreme tension of my back for several years. Academic medicine did not provide relief nor cure. After only a few sessions my headache & toothache were gone and the tension tremendously reduced. Thanks Tosha. 

Annika R.

When I first saw Tosha  with my 13 month old daughter, she wouldn't crawl and was rather fuzzy. After one treatment already, she seemed to be more relaxed and her sleeping was much better. Now, she is crawling without any problems, she is less fuzzy and also her eating improved. Tosha is calm, very gentle and good with kids, so I can not only recommend her for adults but also for Babies. She really helped us getting back on track!  

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Marian H.

I've been diagnosed with Meniere's disease for the past 10 years with attacks of severe dizziness and nausea every couple of months. All the medications prescribed over the years made me lethargic and sleepy so I've generally had to put up with the nausea to keep on going. The day after my treatment was the best I've felt in the last 10 years. I will definitely be back if I get a reoccurance. 

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Marissa A.

Tosha looks at the whole person in her healing approach.  After she listened to and considered my physical and emotional health issues, Tosha used a therapuetic healing touch to address them.  The next day I experienced significant opening of my nasal passaageway and breathing of which I had suffered from chronic stuffiness; for example.  I feel so fortunate to know Tosha, and the powerful healing energy exchange that she harnesses. 

Rebecca K.

I had been experiencing terrible low back and sciatica pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction for over a year. I had seen Medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, yoga and Pilates instructors, acupuncturists and never got relief that lasted more than a day or 2.
When I met Tosha, I thought I would never be rid of this pain and was wondering how to accept it. The first session immediately gave me some pain relief.  As I walked home from that session, I remember feeling taller and happier! I worked with Tosha a couple times a month at first and then less and less. The pain went away first, then we worked on stability to keep my body in alignment. Now I see Tosha for "tune-ups" and to keep improving myself. I am so grateful!!

Tiffany B.

I can't say enough good things about Tosha Walper! She was so instrumental in helping my daughter with her unexplained chronic nausea. Tosha's energy is sweet and calm and after 1 session my daughter felt so much relief. Tosha was also able to articulate why the nausea was happening which made going to her that much more valuable. She is a true healer and body worker.

Allie S.

I recently fell and jammed my arm, shoulder, neck, and upper back.  When I arrived at Tosha's office, my entire body was tight and my arm, shoulder, neck, and upper back all ached.  I could not raise my arm.  Once she began working on me, my body became so relaxed, I fell asleep on her table.  I have seen her twice since this injury and I am convinced that her treatments are significantly speeding up my recovery.  I also have a hip that has bothered my for decades.  She significantly improved my hip.  I am so grateful to have found her.

Diane H.

Where do you turn if chiropractic is too harsh and jarring, acupuncture is too subtle and conventional medicine is, well, too invasive?  I lost arm motion due to a frozen shoulder, which remained stuck for over a year.  I really feared that my only option would be surgery.  
Thanks to Tosha, the gentle, energetic manipulations began to loosen my shoulder after just a couple of visits.  Now, only two months later, almost all range of motion has been restored.  I am also amazed at the collateral benefits:  better overall balance, flexibility and general relaxation.  I would highly recommend this healing modality in general, and Tosha as a sensitive, experienced practitioner in particular.

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Renee M.

Tosha is a consummate professional who really understands the workings of the human body. She is gentle and kind and wonderful with kids. She also gives great tips for things you can do between visits to help with pain and discomfort.

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