Services And Rates

Osteopathic Manual Practice

Hands on European style manual osteopathic techniques comprise the main part of the treatment.  Manual osteopathic techniques include soft tissue therapy to address muscle tenderness and trigger points as well as  mobilization techniques to loosen articular dysfunctions and align the body.  Cranial and visceral techniques are used to treat the nervous system, release tension in the abdominal and chest area and improve blood and lymph flow. Tosha usually ends the session with biodynamic re-balancing modalities to integrate the changes into the body as a whole.


Covid-19 Safety Procedures




osteopathic manual treatment, adult                   50min.              $195 credit card

                                                                                                               $190 cash or check

osteopathic manual treatment, child                    40min.              $155 credit card

                                                                                                               $150 cash or check

new patient, initial consultation                            60min                $240


Jutta B.

I have suffered from severe headache (especially in the mornings after waking up), toothache  and extreme tension of my back for several years. Academic medicine did not provide relief nor cure. After only a few sessions my headache & toothache were gone and the tension tremendously reduced. Thanks Tosha. 

Osteopathic Techniques Used

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)

Balanced Ligamentous Tension

Strain-Counterstrain Techniques

Direct and Indirect Joint Mobilization

Soft Tissue Techniques

Cranial Osteopathy

Visceral Manipulation

Biodynamic Modalities

Karyn F.

Tosha Walper is the best osteopath I have found. She is highly skilled in manual manipulation. After my first session with her I had a bowel movement every day. that hasn't happened since i was 11 years old. Tosha also keeps her energy field to herself. As an acupressurist myself that is truly important to me.