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Athletes at any level can improve their performance and prevent injuries with manual osteopathic treatment.  Osteopathy reduces the recovery time after injuries significantly and can be an important asset to improve the emotional state of the athlete.

Athletics can be very demanding on the body and injuries are well known to almost every athlete. Impaired joint mobility, tight muscles, restrictions of ligaments, and viscera can cause pain and interfere with performance. Imbalances in the body are also a risk factor for injuries. Osteopaths bring the body back into balance and can be an essential part to success in an athlete’s career.

Manual osteopathy helps athletes to  
Prevent injuries

✓ Increase flexibility

✓ Increase range of joint motion

✓ Increase respiratory capacities

✓ Correct postural imbalances

✓ Alleviate pain

✓ Speed up recovery

Athletes are seeing manual osteopaths
before competitions to enhance performance

✓ after competitions or intense training to support recovery

✓ after injuries and trauma to ensure optimal alignment

The earlier you can see a manual osteopath after intense training, trauma, or injury, the better. The osteopath ensures that the body doesn’t overcompensate and develops new problems through this compensation later on.

Osteopathy can also help people to reduce stress, calm the nervous system and increase focus. All important factors to perform optimally during competitions and for recovery afterward.

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