Osteopathy recognizes the particular stresses on the body children experience during pregnancy, birth and as they grow from babies to teenagers. Osteopathy offers an approach to work with children of all ages.



















  • birth trauma (long or complicated

    birth, C-section)

  • inconsolable crying

  • digestive issues

  • feeding and nursing difficulties

  • plagiocephaly (asymmetrical head


  • torticollis (wry neck)


  • injuries and accidents

  • dental/orthodontic problems

  • scoliosis

  • recurrent infections (ear, urinary


  • bronchitis, asthma

  • allergies

Even though birth is a normal part of life, the compressive forces of birth can cause problems. If the skull does not fully re-expand after birth, the restrictions can cause irritation of the nervous system which results in feeding and digestive difficulties, irritability, poor sleep, and others. As the baby grows, she will generally grow out of those problems, but the underlying causes remain, triggering different symptoms like restlessness, difficulties concentrating etc. Early treatment can prevent a great deal of suffering

If your child suffers from allergies, colds, ear infections, developmental problems, learning difficulties or dental/orthodontic problems, osteopathic therapy may be beneficial in the healing journey. During their developing years, especially during the times of major change such as the 9-year change and puberty, children benefit from regular treatments.  After accidents and falls which go beyond the “daily injury” of an active childhood, an osteopathic assessment is recommended. The practitioner realigns the body and helps to release emotional shock and trauma. The nervous system can recover and the immune system is able to function properly.


  • headaches

  • sports injuries

  • orthopedic pain

  • treatment after dental procedures

  • braces

  • period pain