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The Body can heal itself. It is our job to provide the right conditions.

Manual osteopaths respect the body's natural ability as a self-regulating mechanism and only intervene when pain or discomfort are present.


The benefits of osteopathy are the general improvement in mobility and structural stability of the body. In response, other systems of the body, such as the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems, function more effectively.

Osteopathic treatment seeks to address underlying causative stress through thorough assessment and treatment of the whole body.  This treatment combined with good dietary and  exercise habits can enhance a patients well-being and often leads to a positive approach to an individuals'  health responsibility.

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Welcome to Walper Manual 

To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease. – A.T. Still MD, DO Philosophy of Osteopathy. 

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Rebecca K. | Lafayette, CA

I had been experiencing terrible low back and sciatica pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction for over a year. I had seen Medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, yoga and Pilates instructors, acupuncturists and never got relief that lasted more than a day or 2.
When I met Tosha, I thought I would never be rid of this pain and was wondering how to accept it. The first session immediately gave me some pain relief.  As I walked home from that session, I remember feeling taller and happier! I worked with Tosha a couple times a month at first and then less and less. The pain went away first, then we worked on stability to keep my body in alignment. Now I see Tosha for "tune-ups" and to keep improving myself. I am so grateful!!

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